Running Safety


After a very recent creepy encounter I thought it would be a good idea to post some tips on running safety.

Try to run with a partner.
Sometimes it’s nice to have some alone time while running but try to save those runs for daylight hours when you are more visible and more people are awake than are at 5:00 a.m..  If you have to run in the early morning hours or into the evening, try to find someone to run with.  If you don’t have any runner friends, maybe someone would like to cycle along side you or contact your local running club or store to find out when their clinics or free group runs are held.

Alter your route.
Don’t run the same route each day at the same time.  For instance, don’t run the same route every Monday morning at 7.  You never know who may be watching or waiting for you.

Notify someone of your route and give an approximate time that you will be back.
I always let my husband know where I will be running and how long I will be out for so that he knows where to start looking for me should I not return when expected.

Avoid deserted areas.
It may be nice to run that trail route or go through an industrial area on the weekend, but be safe and stick to the more populated areas.

Run against traffic.
If you choose to run on the roadway, it’s easier for you to see oncoming traffic than for you to try and be aware of it coming up behind you.  Motorists also don’t have to worry about any unpredictable behaviour from you if you don’t hear them approaching.  Never assume a motorist sees you.  If you think they are coming up to fast or are too close to the side of the road, get off the road.

Make sure you’re visible.
Wear bright reflective clothing, a headlamp or armband so that motorists and other runners or cyclists can see you.

No earphones
It may be hard for some to get through a run, especially on long slow ones, but if you have music blaring in your ears it makes it hard to hear traffic or someone who may come running up behind you.

Carry money/bank card, id and a mobile device.
Just in case, you never know if you will get hurt along the way or need to refuel your body if you have gone out too far.

As women we have a pretty good sense when something is off.  If you get the sense that something isn't right, it probably isn’t.  Trust me.  Change your direction and head for home.

Be safe!

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